Yellow Bustier Dress. Available HERE for $34.99.

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Cute Bustiers available HERE at


Thanks, we’re glad you like it! 

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It’s so fucking weird how girls can just tell when our periods start. Like the exact fucking moment. You’re just sitting in bed or standing in line for groceries and your face does that thing kind of like in That’s so Raven when Raven gets a vision

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Don’t Confuse the V’s

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got no problem with watching a full season of tv in one sitting but when it comes time to pick a movie im like “am i really ready to pay attention to something for two hours”

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my problem with writing stories is that i’d rather imagine it and play it out in my mind than actually put it into words 

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To people who think I’m actually a cool person:


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When Ryan first started joining in with AH productions as a proper cast member, he was kind of quiet and people in the fanbase weren’t sure about him, and now, all it takes is a few seconds of seeing a crown being lowered onto his head without seeing his face to prompt a huge amount of cheering

I think that’s kind of inspiring


#the heart-wrenching moment when you realize that dean is the one that taught cas to lie

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The Most Beautiful Love Quotes

how is this a beautiful quote? it’s a gay angel freakin the fuck out cuz his gay demon boyfriend is a demon.

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'Supernatural' Season 10: Jensen Ackles dishes on directing again and playing Demon Dean



Jensen Ackles is going behind the camera once again to direct a Season 10 episode of "Supernatural," and according to him, the episode turned out better than he hoped it could.

"I just wrapped episode 1 which I directed, but it’s not the season…

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Favorite Destiel Season Eight Scenes [2/5]